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A Conscious Effort to help

Lakhs of people have succumbed to COVID-19, help us help those in need of medical oxygen!

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A mEssage from the founder

"If Oxygen concentrators could tell stories, many would be like war veterans having saved lives... and others would be like helpless prisoners, sitting in people’s homes and not being able to help because of personal fear." 

- Samay Mehra

Request a concentrator

Do you need an oxygen concentrator temporarily (for up to 2 weeks)? 

Fill the form below and we will contact you when we have one available!

Our Mission

We at Conscious Living strive to provide people with oxygen concentrators as a response to the  tremendous increase in their need due to COVID-19.

Available Units

The number of Oxygen Concentrators readily available with us are:


Units lent out

The number of Oxygen Concentrators currently in use are:


Image by Katt Yukawa

Lend or Donate

A Concentrator

You could loan or donate idle concentrators which can be returned to you within 3 hours of you contacting us, no questions asked.


Volunteer Your


You could help us with this initiative by volunteering some of your precious time.

Help us today so that we may save a life tomorrow

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