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At Conscious Living, we aim to help out as many people as possible by providing them with oxygen concentrators.


These machines can be used to make oxygen 24/7 as compared to oxygen cylinders which need to be refilled every few hours.

Currently, India has been severely affected by the new CoVid-19 wave. One of the main causes of COVID-related deaths is the shortage of medical oxygen.  


We would like to do our part by providing as many people as we can with O2 concentrators.  Each concentrator loaned for 2 weeks can save tens of precious lives a year.   

Our hope is to start from our single location in Mumbai and partner with like-minded individuals to create multiple microsites nationally. 

My name is Samay Mehra and I am a grade 11 student at the Cathedral and John Connon School. During these past few weeks, I have been repeatedly hearing about the shortage of oxygen for people with COVID - 19 in Mumbai. I would like to help alleviate this situation for those who do not have access to oxygen concentrators.


My initiative, Conscious Living, would like to play its part in the battle against COVID - 19 by providing free rental of oxygen concentrators. Many people are dying because of a lack of oxygen and we endeavor to help reduce these numbers to the best of our capacity. We will be renting oxygen concentrators to anyone who needs them at Rs. 500 for 2 weeks to help cover the cost of consumables.

We are also beseeching those who have kept O2 Concentrators in their homes for loved ones in case of need to “lend” these machines to us and enable us to help others while the machines are idle. We promise to return the machine within 3 hours duly disinfected to the owner upon self-need.

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Our founder

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