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The Process

1. Vetting Requirements

We request a google form with basic information to check requirements.  

Ascertaining Need

Some of the documents are required to ensure a genuine need, either a doctor's prescription stating oxygen requirement or a COVID+ report.

If there is a doctor's prescription, we normally call the doctor to check before providing the machine.

If there is a COVID+ Report, we speak with the relative to understand the need. Compassion is important and we trust the requirement.

Doctor Checking a Form

Ensuring Safety

To ensure that these machines are going to genuine persons who would return the machine, we ask for a reference.


We ask the reference to be a person who can stand a 'guarantee' for the return of the equipment. Suggested references include the local police inspector, corporation of the ward, a hospital CMO, or a person known to us.


This ensures that the machine is returned on time and in good condition.

Image by National Cancer Institute

2. Logistics


 Every attempt is made to deliver the oxygen concentrator to site, often these are COVID positive households and delivery is at the gate by a responsible person.


If there is no person available, we request the person to collect the machine from our office and deliver it back after use.


Rs.500/- is collected at the time of delivery to provide for consumables.


Lending period

We provide the machine for a period of 1-14 days.


If the need goes beyond 14 days, it will be necessary to understand why and we speak to the relatives and once again ask for recent documentary evidence from a doctor/hospital.

Once again, compassion is important.

Wall Clock

3. Maintenance & Return


The machines need regular maintenance. With each machine, we provide a simple document indicating daily and weekly cleaning requirements (i.e. filter, machine body, etc).


We also provide a guide on how to start the machine and ask people to contact us when they first set it up to ensure it is done correctly. 

Electrican's Tools


A reminder call is made on the date of return to ask the concerned person to return the machine.


The machine is inspected and disinfected using proper materials and processes.


The Cannula provided is discarded and the Bottle and other accessories are disinfected as well for reuse.


The bottle and accessories (adaptors, etc) are checked for leakage and any that are at end-of-life are discarded and replaced. 


4. Final Steps

Thank you letter

Upon receipt of the machine, we provide a thank you letter for giving Conscious Living an opportunity to help save a life.


There is a request but no expectation to donate any amount to help expand this effort.


The belief is first to save a life and then give others who have been helped a chance to join the cause and help more people going forward.

Image by insung yoon

Post Pandemic

We all hope for a treatment and cure for COVID.


At the end-of-pandemic, these machines will find suitable homes in needy healthcare facilities as a donation from Conscious Living.


Those borrowed from individuals and organisations will be returned to them with a note of gratitude.

Image by Drew Beamer
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